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Okay so, I've been seeing pages like Ultraman Taro say that the Taro in Ginga isn't the original Taro, as well as for the other spark dolled Ultras. But Where did any one hear that? I certainly haven't heard it any where. Further more, the Ultras have never appeared in on Earth in Ginga's universe, the Ultra series isn't even a tv series in Ginga's universe like it has been before in alternate realities, so people have never heard of Ultraman.

And in New Ultraman Retsuden Episode 18 Taro shows that he fought the battles from the showa universe e.g. Alien Katan. So that proves that Taro has a better chance of being from the original showa universe. Now I'm sure some one's going "Wait a minute, what about Ginga's Jean-Nine? He is an alternate character. Ultraman Zero and Glen Fire said that in New Ultraman Retsuden Episode 9" well yeah they did, and that does show that there were alternate heroes in the Dark Spark War, but Taro never said he was an alternate counterpart, and we know he could of stated that since the hosts of New Ultraman Retsuden break the fourth wall all the time. Then again I'm not sure that admitting your not the real Taro and that's the real Taro counts as breaking the fourth wall, but you get what I mean right?

Any way the main point is just because Jean-Nine is not the real Jean-Nine, doesn't mean we should assume that every spark doll is from another dimension. What we should do is be none biased on it, we have no definite proof for ether side, so don't treat them like they're from another dimension, and I don't mean to sound biased but if we where being none biased we wouldn't be changing anything except Jean-Nine.

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