Fist of shout out to the YouTube channel Ultraman Explained who's new video BIO | Ultraman Cosmos | ULTRAMANEXPLAINED made me think something; was Ultraman Legend just a new character who was made up on the spot by the fusion of Cosmos and Justice, like Saga and GingaVictory? If so why did the Alien Gyashi recognize Legend? They refereed to him as a god of the universe, and the strongest warrior in existence. How could they possibly know who Legend is unless he had appeared before? Even Delaxion (the Universal Justice) refers to Legend as some one they know and respect. So have Cosmos and Justice teamed up before during their time in space, or could it be that Legend is the original being that was separated by Cosmos's and Justice's conflicting philosophies of how to keep the universe at peace, kinda like Ginga and Lugiel who come after them, only both separate entities are good it is just that one is harsher than the other.

However, I can't find anything that truly convinces me that Cosmos and Legend were ever once the same being, so what do you peoples think? Does someone know something I don't, please let me know if you do because this thought is really eating at my mind.

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