I have noticed there have been some arguments and a bit of issues about the variety of gifs that I have created and uploaded lately, but I just want to point out some stuffs here and there to have you all understand a bit of why I'm doing this.

I'm only focused on making gifs for the "New Generation Ultras"(Ginga-Geed). Ever sense I've noticed that Orb seems to have the upper hands with the most technique or other kinds of gifs within his article, I retraced back to Ginga's, Victory's, and X's articles with only jpegs and barley any gifs and felt that these new generation ultra articles should deserve the same type of treatment then how we treat some new articles today with gifs and such. Therefore I began my spree of creating Ray gifs, Ultrans gifs, MonsArmor gifs, and etc. I just thought that we should insert some upgrades now and then with what we've had in the past if we now have all this potential of being able to put action itself into the gameplay nowadays.

Some might have noticed I've also created Kaiju gifs aswell. The thing is if I'm going to create the Ultra Techinque gifs, then that means I'll need to sort through episodes. In addition, Kaiju techniques (mostly chimeras) have jumped into the process too, so I thought why not create gifs for these Kaijus aswell.

Lastley I feel that gifs can describe a lot better for some techniques that seem to require more than 1 jpeg to describe it. For Example:


Bemstar Spout part 1


Bemstar Spout part 2

The older Bemstar spout jpegs required two of them to have people understand the gist of it.

Bemstar Spout

Bemstar Spout A

But with a gif, it describes it a lot clearer and even the impact it does.

Bemstar Spout 2

Bemstar Spout B

Not to mention you can even add an alternative version to the play.

Again I'm only going to make the techniques from Ginga to Geed, not every single Ultra article, and I hope some of you understand a bit about my point of perspective on this wiki a little bit.

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