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    Due to the recent developments and issues we've been facing, Anonymous editing has been disabled for the foreseeable future.

    Thank you.


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    Chaiyo Merch!

    August 26, 2016 by Tsuru23

    2006 Was a great time to be an Ultra fan in Thailand... as long as you didn't care about that silly little law called Intellectual Property.

    I was actually pretty young at the time and didn't find out until much later about the whole Chaiyo debacle, so I managed to amass a fair amount of Merch.

    This is either getting given away are sold so I figured I'd post these here for Posterity's sake.

    Needless to most of these are really cheap and feel like they'd disintegrate if I held them for too long, especially after all these years.

    Let me know what you guys think. Should we add these to the wiki perhaps?

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  • Tsuru23

    Hey guys.

    So, following the announcement viz made back in... Febuary?

    The 2011 Ultraman Manga, after four years, is now available for purchase for western fans.

    On Amazon you can purhcase an eBook for your kindle or smart device for $8.99, or buy a paperback copy for $6.49.

    Meanwhile, Barnes and Noble is offering $9.38 for paperback copy and $5.48 for digital purchase.

    Whichever service you use, I recommend buying a digital copy, especially for english-speaking fans overseas.

    Needless to say, once the subsequent chapters come out, we'll finally have 'official' names for all of the characters appearing in the books, so we can look forward to that.

    Be sure to show your support!

    Big thanks to user OniGoji from CKMscans, who helped a great deal in tra…

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    Sound Files for Ultras

    February 26, 2015 by Tsuru23

    This is bound to be confusing XD

    Obviously, Monsters and Aliens aren't the only ones with unique and iconic sounds. The Ultras have their own voices as well. Unfortunately the Ultras have a whole board of sounds to use, so if we were to put a sound into the template like we did for monsters, what sounds would we use? And if so how many?

    For example, Ultraman's page, 'Shuwatch!' could be placed (of course, this opens up what to do for Jack). Now, this could just be my memory failing, but it seemed to me that almost all of the showa Ultras (save Taro, Leo and 80) shared a few of their grunts, while some Ultras like Seven and Ace have an instantly recognizable grunt ('Yah!!' 'Heeei!') that they alone use.

    My ideas that noises like these that the…

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  • Tsuru23

    A particular ToyDev who goes by the name of 'TheGODBEAST' has been releasing a line of insectoid buildable figures using the Glyos system. In standard Glyos fashion, his toys can be purchased from his website in multiple colors, but every so often he releases exclusive colors that have to bought on the spot and almost right away before they're gone for good.

    One such release was this very familiar colored Kabuto Mushi figure. Aptly titled 'Rider Mushi' went on sale Dec 14 along with other homage paying Mushis and sold out almost right away.

    But today he has just released another three unique colors for purchase...

    From left to right; Glactic Emperor Mushi, Ultra Mushi, and Cyborg Mushi. Sans the Emperor Mushi, all are listed as 'No Limit.' Ei…

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