This is our second open letter, in which we address accusations made by Jammer for our dismissal and/or causing trouble on this wiki.

Anyone may feel free to leave a comment; a question, a disagreement or whatever. But please remember to follow the guidelines we made in the last letter when making a comment (only one accusation per comment, add links, once a day, etc.) We wish this to be as orderly as possible.

Without any further ado, let’s get on with this: Addressing the accusations from the Toku hub about why we were dismissed from their hub:

Accusation #1 Jammer accuses Teridax and myself of personally attacking him and the other two admins. This accusation is in point number three of the linked post. This point is brought up in other posts by Jammer also as grounds for kicking us off of the Toku Hub.

He accused us of attacking them personally by saying they were the plagiarists and we jumped to conclusions about them plagiarizing our site. This is untrue. If you look at the original message we sent (seen below) we never accused any of the three admins personally of plagiarism. We only mentioned that the content was similar and they needed to follow the guidelines and to give credit where it is due or take it off; nothing at all of accusing them personally of plagiarism. They were the admins of the wiki that was using our content so we sent the letter to them. There were no personal attacks or anything like Jammer states. Our original message to them

Accusation #2 Jammer accuses us of ‘going in guns blazing’ instead of doing it '‘properly’' as grounds for getting us kicked from the hub.,_guys,_there%27s_a_new_Ultra_Series_wiki./@comment-Nbajammer-20140902223141?oldid=138857 Third-to-last Paragraph, right above the hashed line.

Fact of the matter: we did not go in ‘guns blazing.’ We sent our first message (as stated above we only asked that they give credit where it is due) and then Jammer responds saying: “Considering WE made the content (we are the authors of said work), WE added it to Ultraman Wiki, and WE made this wiki - WE will be using it. End of story.”

Then Jammer promptly locked the message so no further discussions were possible. We couldn’t discuss who did it, ask what it consisted of or anything. He’s the one who stopped dialogue with us.

Accusation #3 Jammer accuses us of so-called spamming, harassment, etc. because we went to multiple admins,_guys,_there%27s_a_new_Ultra_Series_wiki.#comm-49274 Look at the sixth paragraph. Because of Jammer's actions in Accusations #1 and #2, we went to Dchallofjustice, high admin of the Toku Hub. We posted another letter to him that can be seen in this link In this we simply give Dc a head’s up of the situation: that we had talked to Jammer, and we supplied the link to the thread that Jammer had shut down, showing Dc that our conversation with Jammer had stopped. We in no way accused anyone of plagiarism here either, but we stated that the wiki itself was using content from our wiki. The complaints of harassment and spam by Jammer are untrue. We had tried to contact Dchallofjustice because he was the admin who had originally invited us to join the hub and who had agreed to our terms in regards to joining. Jammer then wiped this message clean off the board calling it untrue and spam. We don't see how by simply giving the three admins one letter a piece and then one to DC are harassment. Another point Jammer brings up is that DC was inactive and that we had no right to contact him and we were harassing him. There is no rule against contacting administrators that are part of the same group to help solve a problem. Also, here is a link to Dc’s activity on the Ranger wiki which shows that he is actually quite active. This seems to just be another untrue accusation by Jammer. 

Accusation #4 Jammer claims that numerous events in the past were grounds for which we could have been ejected.,_guys,_there%27s_a_new_Ultra_Series_wiki./@comment-Nbajammer-20140902223141/@comment-Nbajammer-20140903184851?permalink=49277#comm-49277 Sixth Paragraph down.

Jammer also said that there were other offenses in the past we could have been kicked off for. When we asked him to show us these offenses he stated that he kept our actions against their Hub documented but he wasn’t going to show them.,_guys,_there%27s_a_new_Ultra_Series_wiki./@comment-Nbajammer-20140902223141/@comment-Nbajammer-20140903184851?permalink=49277#comm-49277 seventh paragraph down.

Supposedly there were incidents where we did something that violated some rule, somewhere. We asked him for the specific subjects from way back when it happened, and for the links. He gave no links, only vague statements that because they were in charge they could’ve kicked us out then.,_guys,_there%27s_a_new_Ultra_Series_wiki./@comment-Nbajammer-20140902223141?permalink=49235#comm-49235 Second large Paragraph down

There was nothing on record that shows any violation by us. We simply made our own decisions for our own wiki - which Jammer disagreed with. The issues have nothing to do with rules or violations; the issues stem from a group of admins who think differently about normal, everyday issues. Therefore we see this as just an opportunistic tactic Jammer has employed to try to find something that sounds legitimate as grounds for expelling us from the Toku Hub. There were no grounds for that sort of action.

Aside from all of this, keep up the good work everyone! We have come so far because we have all these dedicated users giving their time and effort into the documentation of this franchise. This will all pass soon enough.

-Tsuru, Founder.

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