Alright, it has been well over a week since I was asked to look for ways to improve the wiki, and now I have a layout proposal for a start. For starters, let us compare with our current 'staple' page, Ultraman the first. Information that could just be put into his show page is all over the place, and his history is gummed up with unneccessary info. Which brings me to a point, I would like to request a new type of page to avoid gumming up the history section for the most part. My idea is having pages for episodes (derp), but with a section added for the specific battle in the episode, for example, for Ultraman Episode 5, 'Five minutes to the explosion' or whatever, the story plot could be placed, and followed by a section that details the battle that takes place in the episode, for example, 'Vs. Ragon'. Links to the list of episodes at the beginning of certain points in the Ultraman's history will help cut down any unneccessary size the page has. Moving on without any further adieu (spelling?), here is the picture for my proposed Layout.
Ultra layout

It may not look very pretty, but please bear with me.

Also, is it possible to move the production/development info at the beginning of Ultraman's page to the page for his show? The page for the Character refers to him in-universe, while the Show page refers to the series, and therefore a perhaps better place to put production info about the character.

As for changes about rules, please stay tuned, me and my brother are still talking about what to propose for the rules.

So, does the proposal look acceptable, or is there something I missed?

Please let me know! This is for the sake of the wiki that we improve.

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