So... moving on. I see every Kaiju page, and most of them has a whole different set of one of


For every single Ultraman show they appear in. ...So similar to the Ultraman page, I recommend linking to the Episode they appeared in each Show if people want a detailed take on the battle, while the individual page refers to the histroy. And each show should be seperated with header 3 or something.

Also... I dunno wether People want it or not, but my bro thinks it's staple, the Stats can be at the top of the page, for now, I guess. I don't really like bullets at the top of the page, makes things look over/underdone or something, but I'll worry about that later, as every other Ultra site uses it. Also, I have a rather interesting section for some geeks. Anatomy can give some description to a Monster's appearance, (which should be useful if the Image fails to load... Who am I kidding), such as like... I dunno, but the Pokemon Wiki, Bulbapedia, has a nice Anatomy piece for each pokemon article, so you could look over there if this is okay. Another touchy subject
Kaiju layout

Those red words say 'optional', in case its too small

is Behavior, and I don't think this is necessary, just something I think a handful might like. Like... Who am I kidding? Let me know what you think, but Behavior could be useful for describing the mental qualities of monsters that don't fit in the other sections. And last of all, Trivia at the bottom. Not only does it make the page look a bit cleaner, it narrows down any unnecessary information (Derpy information, like 'This is <NAME> second appearance').

AND BEFORE I FORGET, I think I have a solution to our Image problem. Often the solution is, if you can't have one, have both or something, but on a Template that's not exactly possible, right?

I have a solution. On the Digimon Wiki (Not wikimon), on most of the Human pages, they have two tabs for the image, as seen here. This may solve our Image problem, as we can have one tab for 'Showa, hesei', etc!

Suggestions? Something I missed? Something else that may help, or something better than my proposal? Please comment and let me know!

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