This wiki is in serious need of formatting, and I'd like to help out with something to make up for my absence. The format of pages should all be exactly the same, at least those of the same category anyway. This is my idea;

(Basic information)

(Contents) (Template)


For example, a Monster or Ultra's appearance, like a Baltan's athropod traits.


I really think we should replace History with Bioraphy, but It can slide for now.

This section should talk about the character's appearance throughout the series, and different shows/movies should be differentiated with heading three,

Heading Three

Like this.


This can show the character's personality, like Tiga's somewhat guilt-ridden sense of honor, or Agul's cold hearted behavior. Showing changes in behavior here would be awesome too, like mental triggers or changes of heart.


This should show the abilites and attacks a character has, and they should be shown in list format,

  • Like this


Interesting facts that perhaps not too many people know. All trivia should be placed at the bottom of the page! Not in certain sections.

Trivia should be displayed like this.

If the next fact is about the same appearance or series the character appears in, it should be indented.

If it is not connected to the last fact, remove the indent.

If there are any suggestions for sections or tips, please let me know.

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