Teridax and I want to bring to the Wiki's attention a subject that we're trying to fix. It has to do with the title names of the Aliens. For example, we have seen written 'Alien Baltan,' and 'Baltan Alien,' and the question we're raising is which one of these is the best translation. We think 'Baltan Alien' is the best translation. To give you the clearest example, someone from a different planet who may be talking about us earthlings, and they would use the word 'Alien' to describe us, would they say 'The Alien Earth,' or 'The Earth Alien?' The latter one is correct, so we would say the 'Earth Alien,' and therefore 'The Baltan Alien' because 'Baltan' is the name of the planet, not the creature, the Japanese language also supports the idea by calling us 'Chikyu Seijin', which means 'Earth Alien,' and putting alien first may make it seem like 'Baltan' is the name of the individual.

So what we want to correct is the early translations into English that put Alien first. Or,maybe we could drop the Alien part altogether, as it may save some confusion. I am simply making this post to hear other people's opinion, we're not trying to change anything at this time. If you want to comment, please keep things non-aggressive and non-vulgar. But we do want people's ideas and opinions, so feel free to comment.

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