This is bound to be confusing XD

Obviously, Monsters and Aliens aren't the only ones with unique and iconic sounds. The Ultras have their own voices as well. Unfortunately the Ultras have a whole board of sounds to use, so if we were to put a sound into the template like we did for monsters, what sounds would we use? And if so how many?

For example, Ultraman's page, 'Shuwatch!' could be placed (of course, this opens up what to do for Jack). Now, this could just be my memory failing, but it seemed to me that almost all of the showa Ultras (save Taro, Leo and 80) shared a few of their grunts, while some Ultras like Seven and Ace have an instantly recognizable grunt ('Yah!!' 'Heeei!') that they alone use.


My ideas that noises like these that the Ultras use should be placed inside their template. But what do you guys think? Too complex to bother? Not the right noises? Not enough noises? Please share your thoughts, I don't mean to bring anything out of the blue that you guys can't have any input on.

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