We all know that Redking and Chandra appeared on an island that was full of monsters, but this Island was never given a real name.

This is mostly speculation, but I think the Island with the Pigmon and Redkin in Ultraman Max was the same one. But I don't know if it was given a name.

 A name for the Island is important because a few monsters appear on it, and we can't just say 'an island' each time in their pages. I think we should establish a name for the Island to be used on the Wiki. I have two suggestions:

  • Simply 'The Island'
  • 'The Monster Lawless Zone,' in akin to the original episode title.

BUT if there is indeed a name for the Island that appeared in Max, then could someone please tell me? And what do you think about the names? And if so, should we give the Island a name?

And on another matter I could create a template for unofficial names and/or information, similar to the 'needs work' template.

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