I would like to clear up some confusion. Some people are confused about why Goji and Yao are leaving.The thing is, Goji who was made an admin, started bullying foreign users. Foreign users are very helpful. They have access to databases out of our reach. They may know more stuff we do. But Gojithreatened a foreign user who was doing exceptionally because he couldn't stand his english. The good faith principle tells us to not worry about small grammar issues, and that we should fix it ourselves if we see it instead of making another guy do it. When we tried to talk him, he was asunreasonable as possible. So he was relieved for a long time. But he has decided that he won't be returning anytime soon.

Yao was an Admin, but he didn't live up to it. He keptarguing about the template that was agreed upon, and went as far as to say that the main page didn't matter just to make him sound right. He didn't let a user make an edit, and wouldn't let anything happen to his favorite pages.

If you still would like to see for yourself, just check outHoshinokaabi's talk page , Teridax's talk page , and mine to see how they  were, and why we took action, and why they decided to leave. Maybe the foreign user's english wasn't that good, or maybe our template wasn't the best, but the way they decided to take action and what they did was completely wrong. 

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