• UltraGrenburr12678

    On the 10th of July, a Chinese company () hosted a live show promoting their anime movie called (), whom Ultraman was supposed to guest star in, aledgely to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Ultra Series.

    Right off the bat, you can see that it's a low quality "suit", and by "suit", I mean it's just a guy with a mask and pants, and some body paint. Heck, you can even see his fingernails and toes...and something else I shouldn't say on this wiki.

    Tsuburaya productions has also claimed that this is fake in an official statement they put up yesterday (19 July 2017), and was done without their permission.

    Tsuburaya's statement (Google Translated):

    "On July 10, 2017, in China Beijing, the Chinese company Guangzhou Aragon Culture Propagation Co.,…

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  • UltraGrenburr12678

    Since the year 2015, we have had a major problem with anonymous users, who spam useless comments, vandalise, troll people and sometimes are just straight up...dumb. While the prescence of useful anons cannot be doubted, there are more disadvantages to advantages to letting anonymous users freely edit the wiki. Here are a few things to consider:

    • Some anons know stuff that we don't and are useful sources of information. Disabling anons would mean taking away all of their future contributions as well.
    • In the year 2016, there were more blocks than previous years combined and most of them were anons who troll and vandalise.
    • Being anonymous means your IP can be tracked by anyone, which is dangerous.
    • As stated before, most anons are troll, vandals, a…
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  • UltraGrenburr12678

    Instead of going to an edit war with a certain user, which will probably get us both banned, I've decided to set up this poll.

    The purpose of this poll is to decide what we should put into the Ultras' abilities gallery, however some things will remain as images or .gifs forever because one is better than the other for showcasing certain things, or availability issues.


    • .gif: Use .gifs when available
    • Both: An image AND .gif (when available) must be placed on the page.

    • Advantages
      • Loads quickly
      • Can be downloaded easily
    • Disadvantages
      • Still image, can't see complete action
      • Needs more description

    • Advanatages
      • Can see the whole thing
      • Provides clear description without using words
    • Disadvantages
      • Takes a while to load
      • Long tim…

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  • UltraGrenburr12678

    Last month, Geed (Then unofficially known as Zeed, later Xead) was leaked. During that time, a lot of hype was built up in the community with fake images popping up, so I decided to take advantage of it by writing a fake page on UltraFan wiki, as a social experiment to see how desperate the Ultra fanbase can be to get information, So I started gathering fake images with the help of some UltraFan users, and tried to make a somewhat believable page. The page was used as an April Fool's prank on this website.

    It's almost 2 months since that started, and according to the Insights page, it obtained 2020 views this week alone and 3550 in the last 4 weeks, those figures are even more than the home page!

    In conclusion, I am...disappointed. Disappoin…

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  • UltraGrenburr12678

    It has occured to me that I have been editing on this wiki for a whole year as of today...

    In order to, in a way, evaluate myself I want to ask a few questions:

    1. What ahould I START doing?
    2. What should I STOP doing?
    3. What do you want me to do more of?

    UltraGrenburr12678 (talk)

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