Last month, Geed (Then unofficially known as Zeed, later Xead) was leaked. During that time, a lot of hype was built up in the community with fake images popping up, so I decided to take advantage of it by writing a fake page on UltraFan wiki, as a social experiment to see how desperate the Ultra fanbase can be to get information, So I started gathering fake images with the help of some UltraFan users, and tried to make a somewhat believable page. The page was used as an April Fool's prank on this website.

It's almost 2 months since that started, and according to the Insights page, it obtained 2020 views this week alone and 3550 in the last 4 weeks, those figures are even more than the home page!

In conclusion, I am...disappointed. Disappointed in how some people in our fanbase are so desperate to get info that they go onto A FANFICTION SITE TO GET IT. Seriously...

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