Grand Finale! Ultra Warriors forever!

Next week is the end of Shin Ultraman Retsuden. Two weeks after would be the start of Orb, which makes me have some thoughts on the Ultra series, and I have come up with a few hypotheses whether or not they are true...

1.The end of Ultra. Let's hope this isn't true.

Just like the title of this post. Orb might be the FINAL ULTRA SERIES. I have several clues to back this up:

  • Tsuburaya's budget: They seem to be spending much more on the Orb series, they're making new monster suits, Ultra Fusion Fight, etc. It might be that they want to use all their funds in one final series to end it all. Though it could just be because it's the Ultra series' 50th anniversary, but as many of us know, Tsuburaya really isn't doing too well economically and the 50th anniversary would be a good time to end it all. 
  • Ultraman Orb: Orb is pretty much a living embodiment of 2 Ultras fusing. This means he might just be a final throwback to the past Ultrasso we get to see them one last time. 

2. Continuous Ultra series?

  • With SUR gone and having shorter series, the Ultra series will be on a hiatus between each...series... OR as soon as one ends, another will begin a week after.

Let me know what you think. I'm actually quite worried...

Also now that I havt the chance, Ginga and Ginga S are on Crunchyroll. Someone should probably put that on the home page.

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