From this video, I found out that almost every Ultra so far has a title of some sort. Should we put these titles on their respective pages? I'm going to list all the ones I know:

  • Zoffy: Space Garrison Captain
  • Ultraseven: Bright Red Fighter
  • Jack: Returning Ultraman 
  • Ace: Ace of Rays
  • Taro: Ultraman No. 6
  • Leo: Lion Warrior of L-77
  • Astra: Leo's something younger Brother
  • Joneus: U-40's Strongest Warrior
  • 80: Teacher of Love and Courage
  • Yullian: Ultra Princess
  • Father: Space garrison Supreme Commander
  • Mother: Silver Cross Captain
  • King: Legendary super-being
  • Chuck, Scott and Beth are collectively called Ultraman USA
  • Great: Silver Giant
  • Powered: Blue Eyed Warrior
  • Ribut: Defender of Space Lifeforms
  • Neos: Warrior of the Defense Team
  • Seven 21: Space Defense Team Affiliate
  • Zearth: The Hard Working Soldier
  • Nice: Fighting Father and Captain
  • Tiga: Super Ancient Warrior
  • Dyna: Dynamic Warrior
  • Gaia: Red warrior from the Earth
  • Agul: Blue warrior from the Sea
  • Cosmos: Warrior of kindness
  • Justice: Envoy of Space Justice
  • Legend: Great Legend of the Universe
  • Nexus: The warrior who connects the bonds
  • Max: Strongest, fastest Warrior
  • Xenon: Max's partner
  • Mebius: Space Garrison Rookie
  • Hikari: Blue Swordsman
  • Zero: Seven's Son
  • Saga: Miraculous Fusion
  • Ginga: Ultraman from the Future
  • Victory: Defender of the Underground World
  • Ginga Victory: User of 10 Warriors' Power
  • X: The Unknown Possibility
  • Ultraman: The One who Started it all, Ultraman of the Glorious Light
Should we put these on their pages?

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