Hey guys! It's me, your local wiki-maker UltramanCosmosEclipse. Now, i've been back due to needing to spread another wiki, called Ultraman Zapper Wiki, my own fanfiction wiki, although, Ultraman Ginga and Dark Lugiel will appear at the Second Season of Ultraman Zapper. If you are interested to give Zapper related stuff and maybe, create your own characters, then go ahead. I will be watching you in here everyday.

No reason for Imit-titles

There is no reason that this is an imitation, due to this is my own made-up Ultraman story.

Free to create

Now, due to this is a made-up story, you are free to make your own characters, and even make your own Zapper related shows. Although, Ultraman Ginga and Dark Lugiel pages will be coming soon. I will not be angry nor sad if you do not come here.


You are free to explore and edit the wiki, as long as you do not cause trouble. I am a kind person, and rarely becomes angry. Now, be free to explore the Wiki of Ultraman Zapper. There is a new group made here once known as The Triple Crystals, made of Ultraman Ginga, Zapper, and Plasma. Due to the expanding group, the group has been renamed as "The Hyper Crystals. Enjoy your stay at the wiki!

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