Hello, it's me, UltramanCosmosEclipse. As you can see, I once again have blogposted this. The wiki is still under proggresion. This is not an imit wiki. Teridax had gave me permission to make this wiki and connect it with Ultraman Wiki. I hope you can help. In that wiki, report to me when you are abused, or having questions.

Since people call the wiki an imitation, I will quickly try to improve it before you come to it. Go to my user page in the wiki to find out more about the wiki and its rules. Do not abuse me. Teridax clearly gave me permission to use this wiki.

Link: Ultraman Cosmos Wiki

If you wanna add interesting stuff about Cosmos, then go ahead. Some pages are locked, so you better edit the unlocked ones. Once you have became an admin or you are an old member of the wiki, then you are free to edit up any page. Due to the Cosmos Wiki being too plain, it is still slowly improving itself. Admin or not, please try to help me.

                                                                                                                           Wiki Primary Picture:

210px-Ultraman Cosmos Future

Primary Picture of Cosmos Wiki: Ultraman Cosmos Future

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