It is time, time for alien communications lesson with Professor U.L. of the Space Garrison's education department.

The first symbol you'll have to get used to is this:

IMG 20160826 163932114

This is the main building block for most of the subsequent characters. On it's own, this symbol represents S. But adding different shapes to it will create different letters. Those being:

Now, there is a special case with one variation, that being:

IMG 20160828 171832566

This symbol signifies that the following character is by itself and not connected to the previous symbol. For example, if you were to right Antlar, you would have to add this at the very start to symbolise the A is in it's own. This is the case for the other vowels as well. Speaking of which:

As you can see, they are very similar to ours. From the symbols we already have, we can do some combinations to create: バ, ス, ホ, ル and more. But there are still plenty of letters left:

You may have noticed that some letters are still missing, like J, F and N. For J, F, Chi, Shi, Tsu, Dzu, etc, they take symbols that don't make a single katakana, and create the aforementioned sounds out if those combinations renaining. For example, there is no katakana for ZI, so they use this combination to create the equivalent of ジ. There is also no TI, so they make this the equivalent of チ. As for N:

Unlike the vowels, N on it's own doesn't need the upside-dowb S symbol. When a symbol would be smaller, the M87 would change accordingly. Finally, the equivalent to ー is:

IMG 20160828 183059694

Now, a challenge. Using these tips, click the random button a few times and see if you can write the names of the Kaiju/Seijin you come across and post it below. Any questions as well, let me know. If someone knows how to create a font or text of this, if you could please do it. I'm sure it would be greatly appriciated and I'd be more then happy to add then to the pages.

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