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Basically, If you collect stamps/stickers of Ultraman, Tiga, Max, Zero & Ginga, you are able to get a sneak preview to Ultraman Orb and his, presumably, two forms on separate sheets (one similar to Ginga and one similar to Hikari).

More info on this subject as it appears.


Orb Specium Zeppelion

Specium Zepellion

Orb Hurricane Slash

Hurricane Slash

Orb Burnmite


Magazine Scans of Orb have been officially released!!!

  • Form 1: Specium Zepellion (スペシウムゼペリオン Supeshiumu Zeperion?) (Assets of Ultraman + Tiga)
  • Form 2: Hurricane Slash (ハリケーンスラッシュ Harikēn Surasshu?) (Assets of Jack + Zero)
  • Form 3: Burnmite (バーンマイト Bānmaito?) (Assets of Taro + Mebius)

Something tells me that we might be seeing these Ultras in the series at some point. It would be cool to see Jack and Mebius again after a while.

More Stuff

  • Transformation Device: Orb Ring (オーブリング Ōbu Ringu?)
  • Human Host: Gai Kurenai (クレナイガイ Kurenai Gai?)
  • Form 4 (no picture yet): Thunder Breaster (サンダーブレスター Sandā Buresutā?) (Supposedly taking assets of Zoffy + Ginga?)
  • Form Changer: Ultra Fusion Card Holder (ウルトラフュージョンカードホルダー Urutora Fūshon Cādo Horudā?)

New Kaiju Pics

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