Ultraman Fusion Fight! Machine

Cards on display: Ultraman, Tiga, Taro, Mebius, (what seems to be) Dyna (yay) and ???

Okay, you may be aware of a new arcade machine coming to Japan called Ultraman Fusion Fight!. The machine is seen on the picture on the right. -->

Some Details

This machine looks remarkably similar to that of Animal Kaizer. If you don't know what that is, it's a slot machine-esque game where you scan cards at the start to give you an animal to play as, to increase the strength of some attacks and to perform a Miracle Attack that does CRAZY damage. This seems to be a similar style I this sense, but also similar in the mechanics as you press one button to slop one slot and the other to stop the second while the third is used for special things in later versions. The set-up of this game is very much the same. Each game will cost 100 Yen. Oh, and X is confirmed too with someone else.

X fusion card

So what do you think on this upcoming game?

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