So I went to the Insights to see if I can edit more things until the bottom two insights ( ) had 999+ pages to be added or need infobox. We need to work more on this wiki! Working on this awesome wiki is a huge hobby the community is awesome but it is very disapointing when there are 999+ wanted pages and 999+ pages with no infobox. There are also 173 pages with no images and 173 with no links. So yea please help and also if you are a fansubber.. try to fansub more Mirrorman,Jumborg Ace, 10-4 10-10, Fight Mighty Jack,Sentai Kosideon, War Izenborg and Dinosaur Born Free. Please thank you.

EDIT: For some odd reason the insights with 999+ pages glitch out and say there is no more of them. Just edit the redlink you see and if the page of the redlink wasnt made well... make it!

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