OK, this is a little rant. However hard this may be, I have decided against using harsh language and cussing, even though this issue ticks me off A LOT. So, without further ado, let's go and dive in.

I remember when I unofficially created the "Toy Release Information" section when I edited a page one day and decided it was appropriate that Bandai merchandise information be featured, since the "Ultra Monster Series" page was already created. So, I created a little section for users who actually OWNS the figure to write a non-biased, non-opionated description of the toy. When Bullmark and Marusan's pages came out, I wasn't quite confident that it would fit into the section, as no one I knew had those figures. However, it was best for the community to know, so I let it slip.

Now, this section has went completely out of hand. People are posting random images of the certain toys found from random sites (people! I have made a series of pictures with uniform backgrounds, showing every variant of a figure! Check the Gallery: Ultra Monster Series for them!). The description is also getting screwed up, "Silvergon is pretty rare. Consider yourself lucky if you find one. The regular silvergon is rare than king silver." How is that supposed to help people? When writing these things, mentioning rarity is optional since it differs depending on what site you buy stuff from. Recent visits to multiple pages reveal usless information, cluttered garbage, "Rarity" sections (without capital letters), and now, even the section name is changing to "Figure Release Information".

Through all that I've said, I am NOT against others editing the section besides me. However, a few facts must be straight for the section to be considered "at Wiki standard":

  1. The section MUST feature size, articulation points, and sculpt & detail.
  2. All other items and categories are optional.
  3. One must write in a neutral way. The words "you" and etc. are overly verbal. It should be a journalistic approach, not a conversational one.
  4. Finally, DO NOT WRITE IN THE SECTION UNLESS YOU HAVE THE TOY OR FIGURE IN HAND! I cannot stress this enough. Writing after watching a review on Youtube or something DOES NOT comply with the need of accurate descriptions of the toys. A reviewer may say: "Golza has two points of articulation"; while in reality, Golza has 5.

Thank you for reading. If now this inspires you to start writing the sections and filling in the blanks, please do. In truth, the Bullmark, Marusan, X-Plus, and all non-Bandai figures should be left out for time sake until the section has matured enough into being allowed to take them. I don't want to sound like I own the section or whatever, but this is important. It has to do with "Living up to Wiki Standards". Again, thank you for reading.


Yao Liu

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