Hey guys; if you are reading this, please understand that I am only doing this out of boredom. I like the Ultras, so I just wanted to give my opinon on each of them.


WELCOME! Thanks for reading this far, and this is a quick summary:

The opinons expressed in this commentary/review/whatever-you-like-to-call -it is the sole opinon of the writer. The writer, Yaoyao9, cannot be held responsible for any feelings hurt by the opinons expressed here. The writer is protected by the constitution of the United States of America as "The Right of Free Speech". This blog is not to be updated or edited and the rating given is not to be revoked as this is solely opinons combined with facts for a greater opinon.

Rate 12: Urutoraman 800000000!

I am very excited about this review, as it is for one of my favorite heroes and shows, Ultraman 80. I loved the show when I first watched it, and the both the BGM, OST, intro and ending music (by TALIZMAN) is all very classical to me. I also loved the concept of the Ultra being a TEACHER for once in a lifetime. Dang I wish my teachers were more like Yamato. But the question is: is 80 that fun of a character? I see it from Yamato that 80 is a great character, loving his students. And for that, this review goes double without warning with Yullien!

Rate 13: The oh, so WORTHLESS Yullien

Yullien, to me, was a joke. For an Ultra that is still a princess, she has a surprisingly small amount of abilities. That being said, she goes like Mother of Ultra. Bad, bad, bad and horrid character. Too romantic for children (for me as well), and too weak to be in a high position.


80: 5/5. Unlike Jack, who dies all the time.

Yullien: 1/5.....

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