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aka Thing Saver Dragon

  • I live in Earth
  • I was born on September 20
  • I am male
  • Zhu Huong Ng

    Hi guys. I have been wanting to create a timeline page for the events of Ultraman Geed series but now the debate is what to call the page name. Personalliy , I will call it Crisis Impact Timeline but the offical name is "Side Space World" or "Side Space Universe" so I will go with the offical naming.

    So, guys, please vote on what you wish to call the name. Thanks alot.

    The page is created and is named: Side Space Universe.

    Thanks to DominateTheFreedom for helping me to create the page and myself drafting the page.

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  • Zhu Huong Ng

    Hey guys, I think there is a need to address this. I have seen many red links to suit actors pages on many Ultras pages which do not exist yet so I am suggesting we should start creating those suit actors pages and adding the necessary informations.

    • Firstly, photo/picture of the suit actors (Like Voice Actors/Actors) in real life
    • Secondly, some background informations about the suit actors personal life and their hobbies, etc.
    • Thirdly, which suit (Eg. Kaiju/Alien/Seijin/Ultras) has the suit actor played in (which series/shows/movies). So just have a list.


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  • Zhu Huong Ng

    I will just summarise my opioions towards how powerful is Orb to which form ranks first and my reasons for doing it.

    • 1. Orb Origin: Considering he beat Maga-Tanothor without any help from others.
    • 2. Emerium Slugger: As he beat Reibatos, whom is capable of healing very fast, whereas Orb Trinity failed.
    • 3. Thunder Breastar: Thunder Breastar above Orb Trinity as Thunder Breastar could single handed defeated Maga-Orochi, Galactron. He was not defeated in this form, only one time. He managed to hold up himself against Magato No Orochi longer than Orb Origin, managed to surivive 2 Maga-Thunderclaps, Magta No Orochi tentacles assaults and 1 Maga-Odour. Being able to hold up agaist Zeppandon than his previous third forms cannot. I do think if he faceā€¦

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  • Zhu Huong Ng


    February 23, 2013 by Zhu Huong Ng


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