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aka Thing Saver Dragon

  • I live in Earth
  • I was born on September 20
  • My occupation is Handicapped Wheelchair Boy
  • I am male
  • Zhu Huong Ng

    I will just summarise my opioions towards how powerful is Orb to which form ranks first and my reasons for doing it.

    • 1. Orb Origin: Considering he beat Maga-Tanothor without any help from others.
    • 2. Emerium Slugger: As he beat Reibatos, whom is capable of healing very fast, whereas Orb Trinity failed.
    • 3. Thunder Breastar: Thunder Breastar above Orb Trinity as Thunder Breastar could single handed defeated Maga-Orochi, Galactron. He was not defeated in this form, only one time. He managed to hold up himself against Magato No Orochi longer than Orb Origin, managed to surivive 2 Maga-Thunderclaps, Magta No Orochi tentacles assaults and 1 Maga-Odour. Being able to hold up agaist Zeppandon than his previous third forms cannot. I do think if he face…

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  • Zhu Huong Ng

    There more towards the Orb entire series, I have a feeling that new pages and new information should be added for Orb, Gai Kurenai and Jugglus Juggler,Natasha page as well. Thanks to someone who posted the entire novel on Weibo, which the link could be found on Ultraman League page, I try to be accurate as possible.

    • Please note that the translation for some of the terms inclusing Planets, Aliens, Monsters and Characters may not be correct.

    Gai returned to Planet O-5O and was given the mission to collect 4 elements of the Orbcalibur. During his journeys, Gai has resolve peace across the galaxy and encountered other people. Gai also not wanting to form relationship with otehrs b ut still maintaining his will to protect the weak.

    Meanwhile Juggl…

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  • Zhu Huong Ng

    Orb's Techniques

    June 4, 2017 by Zhu Huong Ng

    In the Japanese Wikipedia, some of Orb's technqiues with name unknown here are given a name there though there are some techniques their true name is still not given.

    • The names may not be accurate, a better translation will be needed

    • Barrier for Burnmite is called

    • Mid-Air Kick is called
    • Barrier from the Orb Calibur is called
    • Energy Arrows used by Orb The First is called
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  • Zhu Huong Ng


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  • Zhu Huong Ng

    Orb's Mystery

    February 28, 2017 by Zhu Huong Ng

    As we now that Ultraman Orb THE ORIGIN SAGA is ending soon but we still have many unanswered questions:

    • How did Orb get his elemental powers for his Orb Calibur and his black plus red Origin Form?
      • My guess: Orb got it from the powers of Agul, Gaia, Cosmos and Dyna.
    • Which universe and Earth is Orb/Gai in currently?
      • My guess: Orb is in Shohei's and Alien Kanon's universe where Planet O50 is located and the Earth is actually Gaia's and Agul's Earth as Gamu stated that it was the Earth that tasked him to protect the tree and also Agul first appeared in the middle of the sea. Or it could be Natasha's universe but it is already very advanced in the year 1900s.
    • How do Juggler obtain the Kaiju Cards while Gai obtains the Ultra Fusion Cards?
      • My guess: I …
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