As we now that Ultraman Orb THE ORIGIN SAGA is ending soon but we still have many unanswered questions:

  • How did Orb get his elemental powers for his Orb Calibur and his black plus red Origin Form?
    • My guess: Orb got it from the powers of Agul, Gaia, Cosmos and Dyna.
  • Which universe and Earth is Orb/Gai in currently?
    • My guess: Orb is in Shohei's and Alien Kanon's universe where Planet O50 is located and the Earth is actually Gaia's and Agul's Earth as Gamu stated that it was the Earth that tasked him to protect the tree and also Agul first appeared in the middle of the sea. Or it could be Natasha's universe but it is already very advanced in the year 1900s.
  • How do Juggler obtain the Kaiju Cards while Gai obtains the Ultra Fusion Cards?
    • My guess: I have no idea.
  • How powerful is Maga-Tanothor?

My guess: Maga-Tanothor as powerful as the one that Tiga fought.

  • When do Maga-Tanothor awakens?

My guess:Presumbably sometime before 1908 and Maga's Zetton's rampage by Juggler through the use of Kaijiu Cards with dark attributes.

  • How does it look like and what powers does he possibly have?

My guess: He look similar to the one Tiga fought with the exception of the Maga Crystal and red eyes. He presumbably have numerous tentacles and pincers, as well as Maga-Darkness to spread the power of darkness. He may also have the Petrification Beam.

  • How did Orb defeat it?
  • Did it cause grief after Gai/Orb fought Maga-Tanothor?
  • Why sparked the rivalry between Gai and Juggler?
    • My guess: They are not rivals but instead they are best friends despite Juggler and Gai showing grudges to each other.
  • How do Gai/Orb meet Natasha?
  • Why did Juggler saves Natasha and did not want to tell Gai about it?
  • What is Belial's role in the King Demon Beasts and why Don Nosfra has his Ultra Fusion Card?

Thus, guys you may make your guess and answers to this mystery questions about Orb and tell me will you think that there will be Orb Origin Saga season 2.

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