In the Japanese Wikipedia, some of Orb's technqiues with name unknown here are given a name there though there are some techniques their true name is still not given.

  • The names may not be accurate, a better translation will be needed



  • Barrier for Burnmite is called Stobium Defensor (ストビュームディフェンサー Sutobyūmudifensāā?)
IMG 0679


  • Mid-Air Kick is called Origin Saucer (オリジナルソーサー Orijinarusōsā?)
  • Barrier from the Orb Calibur is called Calibur Shield (カリバーシールド Karibāshīdo?)
  • Energy Arrows used by Orb The First is called Ōbusaisāatakku (オーブスライサーアタック?)

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