There more towards the Orb entire series, I have a feeling that new pages and new information should be added for Orb, Gai Kurenai and Jugglus Juggler,Natasha page as well. Thanks to someone who posted the entire novel on Weibo, which the link could be found on Ultraman League page, I try to be accurate as possible.

  • Please note that the translation for some of the terms inclusing Planets, Aliens, Monsters and Characters may not be correct.

About Gai meeting Mulnau and Alien Gapiya/Collecting Elemental Powers for Orbcalibur

Gai returned to Planet O-5O and was given the mission to collect 4 elements of the Orbcalibur. During his journeys, Gai has resolve peace across the galaxy and encountered other people. Gai also not wanting to form relationship with otehrs b ut still maintaining his will to protect the weak.

Meanwhile Juggler starts to walk down a different path, he has joined many wars across the galaxy, while sacrificing the weak and slowing slipped into darkness. At one lonely moment, he was talking to another Juggler on his Seprent Hearted Blade and telling him to enjoy the crazy world.

At a Gem Planet, it has abundance of gems and gem processing technology, two parties lived, the wealthy and the poor. But, the income gap between both parties are huge. Gai arrived on Galaxy Airport and meet Shorty, whom tried to steal from him but Gai defended him but in exchange Shorty had to follow him in his joruney. Gai meet Mulnau, well known criminal for stealing gems across the galaxy and tell Gai the beauty of jewel fit best to her cold hearted skin. Gai chased after Mulnau but she escaped. At this point, a comet is approaching in a weeks time. The wealthy inhabitants escaped with their assets but Gai told them it was just a holographic projection. Chasing after the mystery investor, Gai and Shorty face with a (Huge Mechanical Monster-Dinosaur Chariot), Gai become Orb and knocked it down but it was revealed that Mulnau and the investor(Dr Keiou) controlled the monster, plans to steal the gemstones. At the end, Dr Keiou was arrested but Mulanu escaped. Gai later obtained the yellow jewel for Orb Ground Calibur and placed on his Orbcalibur. Gai and Shorty went for their next journey.

Gai and Shorty went to Planet Oke, a planet consist of 95% surface of water but with scattered islands. War raged between two tribal countries, Kibulu and West Luo Family. Gai and Shorty was connected to one tribe, meet the daughter if the tribe's king, Salmny. Salmny hates war but loves peace but her father did not listen. Gai is upset as he cannot intervence the conflict as Orb.(Trib e:West Luo Family) The conflict causes the seabed seals to be broken and revived three seabed monsters, Basta/Beta, Gama Kukira, Tribute/Tigong. They are very string, Salmny regretted the decision of reviving them and got injuried herselves. Orb become Orb and defeated them, the war causes the water to form a mountain wreckage. At the end, Gai and Shorty visits Salmny, the water jewel that has Orb Water Calibur comes from Gamu Kukira. Collected the jewel, Shory and Gai bid farewell to Salmny and went for next adventure.

The third adventure is at a volcanic planet, originally a jungle planet. Gai meet the prince of Oulok/Ouluke, whom hired Alien Gapiya Sadeath to terminate Gai while reviving the sleeping magma monster in the volcano, Gera. Alien GapiyaSadeath pushed Gai to a tight spot, a the crater of the volcano. Gai summoned his courage and escaped the attack from Sadeath, Sadeath fall into the volcano and surmerged into the hot lava. Unfortunately, Gurasugo revives due to volcanic eruotionbut Gai transformed into Orb and fight. Orb destroyed Gurasugo with Orb Water Calibur. At the end, Prince of Oulok/Ouluke was arrested and Gai obtained the jewel for Orb Flame Calibur as an appreciation for defending the threat of Gurasugo.

At Planet Gullimero, Gai meet an old folk, Minque Ma Xiu, whom was from Planet O-50 and taught him to melody he blows from the harmonica. Minque Ma Xiu and his allies live where threatened by Alien Narcques and Ramon Brothers, had become thieves. When they wanted the latter to give out their lands, the former refuses. Later, the Ramon Brothers turned to giant size, Gai become Orb and faced them. After the battle, Juggler appears and had become the bodyguard of Alien Narcques as Alien Narcques showed Gai the green jewel for Orb Wind Calibur. Juggler cut down Alein Narcques with his sword and claimed the green jewel. Gai then asked Juggler where is his rightfulness, Juggler replyed by saying he got tired as this. Juggler pointing a special planet on the sky which is exploding and told Gai it is suitable to end their conflict there. Gai and Juggler fought, but when Gai about the deliver the finishing blow with Orbcalibur, Gai couldn't do it. Juggler was arrested as Gai picked the green jewel Juggler left.

Returning to Planet O-50, Gai obtained a new power, his expression was fearful. Now with all four elements gathered, Gai can use Orb Supreme Calibur for his Orbcalibur. Gai was not informed about his next mission.

Obtaining the Dark Ring and Orb Ring

At Planet 484, Juggler was held captive there, the prison was impossible to escape but Juggler was aware the galaxy most dangerous villains are also imprisoned here. Juggler broke free and found a young girl. Juggler retrived back his Serpent Hearted Sword and broke the mask of that girl, Bilanque. Bilanque was happy that Juggler come, it was known the Bilanque was imprisoned here due to her ability to connect different monsters to emit high energy waves as well as calling a brain wave monster, Yang Ge to destory the tower. Juggler decided to inclue Bilanque due to her violent nature as part of his plans. Juggler escaped with Bilanque's help, Bilanqi bring fought monster as well as SpaceMan while Juggler planted Barenga bomb that is capable of upsetting the balance of the universe, threatening the squad there and to defuse the bomb is to excange for Gai. Gai and Shorty then when to confront Juggler. Juggler was drinking galaxy coffee. Gai tried to defuse Barenga Bomb but with SpaceMan, Yang Ge and monster army obstructing Gai, Gai could not transform into Orb. As such Shorty decided to help Gai but ended up getting critcally injured, after defusing the Barenga Bomb, she died in Gai's hands. Bilanque and Juggler was arrested but was send to different prisons, seperating each other.

Returning to Planet O-50, Gai obtained the Orb Ring and noted of his third mission to stop the revival of Maga-Orochi on Earth. Juggler also escaped and obtained the Dark Ring. Juggler and Gai conflict continued on to Earth.

Arrival on Earth

Gai and Juggler arrived on Earth at 1800BC on Ishtal Civilisation, a place known as Dead Hill, formerly a place where Ishtal's sewer system, roads and a large public bath for the Ishtal people, who like to be clean. Narrated by an old grandmother. Gai had become friends with Dana, who is from Ishtal as well, whom Gai had become friends with, which Dana had took care of Gai and had feelings towards him.

At the same time, Ishtal Civlisation had shown signs of collapse such as mystery aurora, drought and dried plantation. Narrated by Juggler as Hortiop, a cult that praises Maga-Tanothor, as well as the leader of the religion named Magashizm and dressing up as a mummy wuth bandages around himself, told the Ishtal people about their doomsday destruction.

"The world will be destroyed by an ancient evil god named Maga-Tanothor." At the desert of Ishtal, Maga-Tanothor was sealed by Ultraman Tiga.

Gai then asked Dana what happens, Dana posed as Gai's companion told Gai what happens. As Gai original mission was to prevent the revival of Maga-Orochi, noted the powers of the seals are weakening due to balance of light and darkness titlting.

Gai then wanders who is Hortiop, decided to dress up as a underling of the religin Magashizm and venture to the temple where Hortiop was. Suddenly, the mummy monster Dodongo appears, topping the temple as well, Gai transformed into Orb and defeated Dodongo. Someone in the shadows had collected Dondongo's Kaiju Card, it was Hortiop whom thanked Gai.

"Creature that is still crying in the night, the ancient evil god, after absorption Kaiju energy, revive from your long slumber, Maga-Tanothor!" Hortiop as he scan Dodongo's Kaiju card into the Dark Ring as the ground begins to shake, with tentacles wriggling, Maga-Tanothor revives!

Maga-Tanothor begins to cause destruction to the surroundings of Ishtal Civilisation, Gai transforms into Orb, their battle was intense due to the high heat and melting of sand into glass, which archaeologists explain their theory of war 4000 years later. After a tough battle, Gai had defeated Maga-Tanothor at last and collected Ultraman Tiga Card. Juggler as Hortiop undress himself and collected Maga-Tanothor's card and continued to follow Gai.

Having paid a great price, the Ishtal people was saved but it city had been destroyed with its people scattered to various areas.

Many years passed, Dana had become that old grandmother, at her dying moments, Gai appeared and grabs her hand, Dana died peacefully.

Dana relatives look around for Gai, Gai was nowhere to be seen. Gai had continued his journey.

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  • Orb's Orb Water Calibur despite it is a purifiying technqiue, it can be used as an attack as well. Used to defeat Magma Monster Gera.
  • Gai allie is Shorty, but was dead at end of Chapter 3.
  • Juggler's Katana had some consciousness.
  • Juggler had an unknown monster Kaiju Card, Donado/Totto Goku, a mummy monster, used to summon Maga-Tanothor.

Things should be done

  • Update Orb Water Calibur, being both a purify technique as well as a finisher.
  • Add New Characters Pages
    • Shorty: Gai companion in Chapter 2 and 3
    • Bilanque: A space girl with ability to connect monsters with her brain and meet Juggler.
    • Dana: Gai companion in Ishtal in Chapter 4.
    • Minque Ma Xiu: Gai's inspiration to blow the melody he usually plays, also from Planet O-50.
    • Ramon Brothers
  • Add New Alien Page:
    • Alien Macrques: Gai encountered when he was journeying to collect the jewel for Orb Wind Calibur.
  • Add the places where Gai and Juggler ventured.
  • Update Mulnau, Sadeath, Dinosaur Tank and Dodongo page.
  • Brief description of each of the characters.
  • Add New Monsters Pages:
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