#5 Hudra

My fith favorite Ultra, he is one of the Dark Giants. His main attack is the Dark Tornado. He is really cool looking. Tiga stole his speed and gained his Speed Mode.

#4 Ultraman Hikari/Hunter Knight Tsurugi

His design and armor are really cool looking! I like him better when he wears his Hunter Knight armor than without. His most powerful attack is the Aabu Knight Shot. He helped defeat Alien Empera but his Hunter Knight armor was destroyed in the fight.

#3 Dark Mephisto/Dark Mephisto Zwei

He is one of the coolest evil/dark Ultras! Zwei is German for two, so Dark Mephisto Zwei meand Dark Mephisto Two. I like the arm blades that they have. They both are really powerful Ultramen.

#2 Evil Tiga

My second favorite Ultraman. One of the ancient Ultras like Tiga and his companions. He was dicovered by a rich man who wanted to be an Ultraman like Daigo. He stole the Spark Lens and used it to turn into Evil Tiga. Evil Tiga's true name is unknown. His most powerful attack is the Dark Zepellion Beam.

#1 Ultraman Tiga

My all time favorite Ultra ever! His Speed Mode/Tiga Blast are my two favorite modes. His main attack in these two modes is the Ranbalt Light Bullet. He gained his speed from Hudra. His main attack is the Zepellion Beam.

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