V Crystals
Victory's Cystalsimage
User(s): Ultraman Victory
Ultraman Ginga Victory
Ultraman Orb
Nature: Natural Body Feature
Powers: Energy Manipulation and can be use to fire beams
First Appearance: Ultraman Ginga S: Episode 1
Status: In Use

V Crystals (Vクリスタル Bui Kurisutaru?) are yellow features that Victory sports on his body. They are somewhat similar to the Zenshin Crystals (全身のクリスタル Zenshin no Kurisutaru?) as both can be used to manipulate energy and fire beams. Unlike Ginga's, Victory's V Crystals are powered by Victorium instead of Plasma, it barely changes color as it only turns red when Victory is in his Knight form.


  • Victorium Energy Manipulation: Much like the Zenshin Crystals, Victory is capable of manipulating and charging energy attacks. Victory can even use them to fire beams, examples are Victorium Slash and Victorium Burn.


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