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"I'm Alien Temperor, Villainous of the Villainy. And this is my partner, the Tyrannic Monster Tyrant. Together, we are called as the Ominous Duo."

― Villainous of the Villainy - Ultra Zero Fight
Villainous of the Villainy
Viranias chara
Height: 54 m
Weight: 39,000 t
Home world: Planet Temperor
First appearance: Ultra Zero Fight (2013)
Latest appearance: Shin Ultraman Retsuden episode 49 (2014)
Actor/Voice actor: Holly Kaneko
Suit actor: Unknown
Status: Alive
Affiliation: Darkness Five
Roar(s): N/a

Villainous of Villainy (極悪のヴィラニアス Gokuaku no Viraniasu?) is an Alien Temperor member of the Darkness Five. He is partnered with a Tyrant under the combination name Ominous Duo (極暴 タッグ Gokubō Taggu?).


  • Height: 54 m
  • Weight: 39,000 t
  • Origin: Planet Temperor


Ultra Zero Fight

"Isn't it interesting, Ultraman Zero. Jathar was a useless weakling if he loses to someone like you."
"Aren't you that bronze guy's friends?"
"No. Weaklings are not worthy of being called friends. Friends are supposed to be strong and powerful. Just like my partner.

―Villainous and Zero

After Jathar was killed, Villainous teamed up with Tyrant to fight Ultraman Zero. He later battles the Jean brothers but is forced to retreat. After all Ultimate Force Zero members are killed, Zero Darkness invites Villainous and the others to conquer the universe. But then Shining Ultraman Zero defeats Belial. Zero uses the Shining Star Drive and emitted a light too bright for the Darkness Five to handle forcing them all to retreat.


Ultraman Retsuden

Bandicam 2013-05-24 16-24-51-649

Villainous appears alongside with his comrades Alien Mefilas, Glocken, Deathrog and Belial in Ultraman Retsuden Episode 100 and 103 as well as the Darkness Five biography special.

New Ultraman Retusaden

He, along with the others, reappeared in episodes 48 and 49 of New Ultraman Retsuden as hosts, talking about the Rush Hunters,and their species that went to Earth in their dimension. Later on, he was reunited with Jathar as he returned to the team, and explained his attempt of revenge on Zero and Glen Fire and after seeing a transmission from Ultraman Belial, went to the Monster Graveyard, and prepared themselves to join the Daikaiju Rush.

  • Unlike the other members of Darkness Five, this one had no difference from the other Heisei versions, because Temperor actually has red eyes in all his Heisei appearances.

Powers and Weapons

  • Omni Pincers: Temperor can produce different attacks from his pincers.
    • Ultra Brother Finisher Ray (ウルトラ兄弟必殺光線 Urutora Kyōdai Hissatsu Kōsen?): An Anti-Ultraman beam which fired from both of his pinchers, this is the same attack used by his predecessors.
    • Beam Rod (ビーム・ロッド Bīmu Roddo?): A standard electric whip attack summoned from his pinchers.


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