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Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Home world: Planet Wadatuzin
First appearance: Ultra Q The Movie: Legend of the Stars
Latest appearance: None
Actor/Voice actor: Mio Takagi
Suit actor: Masao Fukasawa
Status: TBA
Affiliation: Nagira (servant)
Roar(s): TBA

Wadatuzin (ワダツジン Wadatsujin?) was an alien that appeared as the primary antagonist of Ultra Q The Movie: Legend of the Stars.

Subtitle: None


  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Origin: Planet Wadatuzin


Ultra Q The Movie: Legend of the StarsEdit

Wadatuzin had arrived on Earth in ancient time and wants to see if humans can perverse their environment.


  • Wadatuzin's human form was played by Mio Takagi, who would later on portray Captain Megumi Iruma of GUTS in Ultraman Tiga.
  • Watauzin's Dogu form was played by Masao Fukasawa who also plays an unnamed fisherman in the movie.
  • Wadatuzin is one of the few Ultra monsters not to have an official height, weight or subtitle.
  • It could be that Wadatuzin returns to her home planet.
  • Wadatuzin is possibly inspired from C-3PO, one of the two iconic droids in the Star Wars franchise, whom in real life was portrayed by Anthony Daniels, wearing a gold-colored suit.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Levitation: Wadatuzin can levitate.
  • Teleportation: Wadatuzin can teleport.
  • Ice Balls: Wadatuzin can launch balls of ice from her mouth.
  • Disguises: Wadatuzin can disguise herself as a human or a Dogu statue that launches ice balls from the eyes. While in human form she is referred to as Mayumi Hoshino.
  • Nagira Summon: Wadatuzin can call on Nagira by yelling his name.


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