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Giant White Ape

The Giant White Monkey

The White Monkey was the protagonist's guardian in the 1982 Tsuburaya/Taiwan co-production film, The Fairy and the Devil.


Height: Doll sized - TBA

Weight: TBA

Origin: Ancient Taiwan


When a massive green demon attacked a small castle and it's inhabitants, a lone warrior stood up to him. Summoning a small doll of a monkey, the man threw the toy at the demonic being. First, the doll became a humansized ape, then into a massive monkey! The two began to fight, but the demon was more clever than the primate and after a series of repeated knife edge chops to the white defender's chest, the ape vanished, defeated.


  • Many parts of the suit, minus the head/face, would go on to become Erupa of the Andro Melos series.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Wind: From his mouth, the white ape can spit a gust of wind to send foes staggering back.
  • Teleporting: When in a bind, the monkey can teleport.


The Fairy & The Devil - Giant Monster Battle-005:54

The Fairy & The Devil - Giant Monster Battle-0

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