Why Monsters Appear
Ultraman Max, Episode 29
Max vs Geronga
Air date 01/14/2006

03/18/2017 (USA)

Screenplay by Chiaki Konaka
Directed by Hirochika Muraishi
Special skill director Hirochika Muraishi
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Attack of Evil
Courage Is from the Heart
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Why Monsters Appear (怪獣は何故現れるのか Kaijū wa Naze Arawareru Noka?) is the 29th episode of Ultraman Max.


Why do monsters mainly appear in Japan? As a panel discusses this on a TV show, a monster heads for the studio. Crunchyroll Summary







  • Geronga (First and only appearance)


  • The episode was premiered in the United States on TOKU on March 17, 2017
  • Originally, Pagos was to appear in Geronga's place in his episode, but after the death of scriptwriter Masahiro Yamada in 2005, Geronga was created since Pagos' episode debut in Ultra Q was written by Masahiro and the Tsuburaya crew decided to remove the monster from the series as a sign of respect.

DVD Release

  • Ultraman Max Volume 8 features episodes 27-30.
  • Ultraman Max Complete Season.

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