Home world: Unknown
First appearance: Ultraman Gaia Episode 36 "The Sky of Reunion"
Latest appearance: None
Height: 75 m
Weight: 82,000 t
Category: Kaiju
Affiliation: None
Roar(s): TBA

X-Savarga (Xクロスサバーガ Kurosu Sabāga "X" is read as "Cross") is a kaiju that first appeared in episode 36 of Ultraman Gaia.    

  • Subtitle: Space Ninja Beast (宇宙忍獣 Uchū Shinobu-jū)
  • Small Subtitle: Biological weapons (生体兵器 Seitai heiki)


Ultraman Gaia

X-Savarga appeared from a wormhole that Hiroya Fujimiya made to attack the XIG airbase using Gaia's Photon Stream which was a copy of attacks that was used to awken and summon Zorlim, but something went wrong and the monster attacked Hiroya, but Ultraman Gaia blasts his hand and saves Hiroya. On Earth Gaia and X-Savarga resume their fight but he regenerates his hand and attacks him with the drill and launches Parasites out of his hand, but Gaia blows them up but with half his energy gone. Gaia tries and blast him with his Gaia Slash but is soon deflected when X-Savarga Stomps the ground and a piece of rock comes out and hits it. Soon the fiend makes clones of him self and they start attacking Gaia. Hiroya finds a weakspot on his back and throws a bomb on it. blowing up it destroys the clones. At that chance Gaia starts beating down the fiend. At last Gaia goes into Supreme mode and uses the Supreme Kick and hits X-Savarga in the head, blowing him to pieces.


  • His roar is a highly modified Goro roar.




  • Height: 75 m
  • Weight: 82,000 t
  • Birthplace: An unknown wormhole

Powers and Weapons

  • Small X-Savarga Launch: X-Savarga can launch tiny versions of himself from his hands.
  • Drill: X-Savarga can use his drill to attack enemies.
  • Clones: X-Savarga can make clones of himself.
  • Burrowing: On occasion, he can ambush his target from underground.


When attacked when his clones are in use, the clones will vanish.

Small X-Savarga
X parasite

X-Savarga's parasites

The Small X Sabaga (小Xサバーガ Ko X Sabāga) were minions/smaller version of X-Savarga.


  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Origin: The right hand of X-Savarga

Powers and Abilities

  • Electrocution: Small X-Savarga can attach themselves into the enemy and electrocute it.

Toy Release Information

X savarga toy


X-Savarga was released in the Ultra Monster Series in 1999 and is number 133. He is 6in tall. and his coloring and design is accurate but the gold and purple are brighter and the drill is shorter, thicker at the beginning and can easily pulled of, But he is still a good figure and is accurate to the shows monster.




Ultraman Gaia vs X Savarga

Ultraman Gaia vs X Savarga

Ultraman Gaia vs X-Savarga

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