"XIG Fighters, Get Glory"

―Commander Akio Ishimuro's send-off words
Ultrmn Ga XIG
Members: Akio Ishimuro, Seiichiro Tsutsumi,

Gamu Takayama, Atsuko Sasaki,
Georgie Leland, Ayaka Ukai
Katsumi Kajio, Yasushi Kitada,
Satoshi Ogawara
Tatsuhiko Yoneda, Koichi Hayashi,
Toru Tsukamori
Miho Inagi, Julie Mishima,
Kei Tadano
Satoru Yoshida, Takanobu Kuwabara,
Mitsugu Shima
Atsushi Koyama, Renji Matsuo,
Michael Simmons
Katsutoshi Yokotani, Gentaro Imai,
Kingo Iwao

Affiliations: GUARD,
Ultraman Gaia,
Ultraman Agul
Designations: Defend the earth from the Radical Destruction Bringer
First appearance: Ultraman Gaia episode 1 Seize the Light!
Latest appearance: Ultraman Gaia: Gaia Once Again

XIG (eXpanded Interceptive Guardians) is an Earth defense team under the command of GUARD

XIG is led by Commander Akio Ishimuro, and headquartered in the Aerial Base, a floating sky fortress, utilizing the Repulsor Lift technology created by Gamu Takayama, which allows the base and XIG's fighters to defy gravity. The Aerial Base hovers directly above in GUARD's Geo Base.


XIG is the largest and most specialized defense team of any Ultra series thus far, consisting on six sub-teams which perform different roles based on mission requirements. The XIG teams are divided into Operation Crew, Fighter Teams and Expert Teams. Each Team also has its own customized patch, sewn on the left upper arm of the uniform, and headgear.


XIG was formed at the behest of the Alchemy Stars after they predicted a time of Calamity connected to something called the Root of Destruction. While unable to ascertain the identity of this entity or phenomenon, they were able to figure out that the Earth and its people would be targeted by outside interference that sought the end of mankind.

The network of young geniuses came together and developed all the advance technology the XIG would use in it battle against the Root of Destruction and its minions.


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XIG deploys different mecha depending on the mission at hand. Most of XIG's mecha are stored as hexagonal 'Container Vehicles', which are transported to the battleground and airdropped by Peace Carry. Fighter mecha, however, are also able to launch directly from the Aerial Base's triple Chamber Gates.

Other Vehicles

  • Belman: Multi-purpose sedan with a laser mounted on top.
  • DoveLiner: Transport vehicle which ferries personnel to and fro the Geo Base and the Aerial Base.
  • XIG Adventure: An inter-dimensional travel vehicle which is able to transform into an assault robot with monkey-like arms.




  • XIG has had more members than any other attack team.

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