Xio Devizer
User(s): Xio
First Appearance: Ultraman X
Status: Active

The XioDevizer (ジオデバイザー Jio Debaizā?) is Xio's main communication device carried by all Xio personnel in Ultraman X.


Ultraman X

One of Xio's gadgets, these are developed to scan the Cyber Cards and to analyze monsters by their Spark Dolls. Member Daichi Ozora's Devizer was upgraded into the X Devizer after he united with Ultraman X.

Powers and Abilities

  • Gao Diction (ガオディクション Gaodikushon?): Xio Devizer is capable of scanning a Spark Doll's emotion.
  • Cyber Card loading: The user can load a Cyber Card to materialize them to real life, though said process is currently unavailable due to still being in development.
    • Realize (リアライズ Riaraizu?): But once the process is complete, it will turn into a Spark Doll and for the user to materialize it to real life.

Quotes (voice by Hibiku Yamamura)

  • "Analysing <...Spark Doll name...>" (<...Spark Doll name...>解析 <...Spark Doll name...>Kaiseki?) - Voice announcement when scanning Spark Doll.
    • "Activating Gaodiction, analysing <...Spark Doll...>, analysis completed!" (ガオディクション起動します, <...Spark Doll...>解析中, 解析完了しますた! Kido Shimasu, <...Spark Doll...>Kaisekishu, Kaiseki Kanryo Shimasuta!?) - Scanning the Spark Doll's Gaodiction.
  • "<...Cyber Card name...>, now Load!" (<...Cyber Card name...>, ロードします! <...Cyber Card name...>, Rōdo Shimasu!?) - Voice announcement when scanning a Cyber Card.

Spark Doll scanners
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