Yamaton scan
Home world: Earth (The First universe)
First appearance: Ultraman: The First
Latest appearance: Ultraman: The First
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Category: Kaiju
Affiliation: N/a
Roar(s): N/a

Yamaton (ヤマトン Yamaton) was a battleship inspired kaiju from Ultraman The First Manga.

Subtitle: Battleship Monster (軍艦怪獣 Gunkan Kaijū)


  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Origin: Underneath the sea floor, somewhere near Tokunoshima


Ultraman The First

Long ago, several remains from the destroyed Yamato had been lying beneath the sea floor that located near the Tokunoshima island. Small aquatic critters (including barnacles and oysters) reacted with the ship's remains, creating a crocodile-shaped monster. Soon it made its way to Tokunoshima island and attacked the docks. Tanks and fighter jets tried to attack it but gets magnetized to the monster. As Ultraman appears, he tried to attack but being a former battleship, Yamaton's body is already durable to the hero's might, even the Specium Ray had no effect. Soon Ultraman was magnetized and was about to be devoured but instead of struggling to escape, he willingly got eaten and took this opportunity to destroy Yamaton from its stomach, regressing the former battleship back to pieces.


  • Yamaton originally was ment to appear in the Ultraman show, but due to time constraints, the beast wasn't used. Concept art of Yamaton's suit exist and eventually, a Yamato-themed ship was created in the form of Iron Rocks in Ultraseven.
  • It is known that the original battleship Yamato had her width 39 m and full length of 263 m so it can be safely assumed that Yamaton is the same size as the namesake battleship.
  • Despite being very obscure, even by Ultra-kaiju standards, Yamaton, and fellow manga kaiju, Tangilar, received toy versions of themselves created by Marusan.
  • Yamaton's name and likeness is a reference to the Battle Ship, Yamato.
  • The idea of an Ultra Warrior fighting a living battleship was not a pass over concept, as Iron Rocks and Barrack Ship appeared later in the series.
  • In the manga, since Alien Baltan were revealed to be the main antagonists, it is possible that Yamaton's creation was partly their bidding, due to said alien race had released microscopic lifeforms around the Earth that used to create monsters fought by Ultraman and SSSP.

Powers and Abilities

  • Adept Swimmer: Being a living battleship, Yamaton is at home in the water.
  • Guns: Like his namesake, the Yamato, Yamaton can fire a variety of missiles and cannons to attack.
  • Magnetic Wave: Yamaton can unleash a strong magnetic wave in a wider radius.
  • Thick Hide: Like the original ship, Yamaton's body was capable of sustaining multiple assaults due to the material used to built his body.