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Yapool Manga
Home world: Unknown
First appearance: TBA
Latest appearance: N/A
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Category: Ally
Affiliation: Star Cluster Council (Formerly)
Seiji Hokuto
Unknown Benefactor
Roar(s): {{{Roar(s)}}}

Seiji's guardian and a genius scientist

History Edit

A former scientist of the Star Cluster Alliance, Yapool was a genius and leading engineer in the alliance. Some of his technology also went into creating the Ultraman Suits. For unknown reasons he disappeared, but years later he was the guardian of the young Seiji Hokuto, who he supplied with prosthetic limbs and an Ultraman Suit.

During his time on Earth, he made his living disguised as an old man running a small shop.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Genius: Yapool is a renowned genius inventor, his technology made the Ultraman suits. He was on the who made Seiji's cybernetic limbs, his Ultraman suit and his transformation device.
  • Mimicry System: He can take the form of an old man.

Trivia Edit

  • Yapool, shares his name and resembles the Ultraman Ace villain of the same name.
  • Yapool is ironically the guardian and ally of the Manga Ultraman Ace. He is therefore not a villain.

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