Yuuko Minami
Minami 1
Ultra: Ultraman Ace
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Transformation Item Ultra Rings
Home world: The Moon, Planet Earth
First Appearance: Shine! The Five Ultra Brothers
Last Appearances Ace's Wish
Type: Hero
Family {{{Family}}}
Affiliation TAC
Portrayed by Mitsuko Hoshi

Yuko Minami (南夕子 Minami Yūko?) was once one of Ultraman Ace's two human hosts, along with Seiji Hokuto her close friend. The two became hosts for Ultraman Ace after they lost their lives trying to help a group of orphans get away from the first Choju of Yapool, Verokron. When they bring their Ultra Rings together the two combined to form the giant of light, Ultraman Ace.


Ultraman Ace

Originally from the moon, her home was destroyed by Lunatyx, one of the oldest Choju. Most of her people were killed but some survived and wandered the galaxy as nomads. Yuko returned to Earth to fight against Yapool, but her comrades in space eventually called on her to their new home. This was around the same time Lunatyx appeared on Earth, eventually revealing her true nature to Seiji, as Ultraman Ace they avenged the lunar civilization. Afterwards she left, donning a white garb, she left her Ultra Ring and her connection to Ace for Seiji, wishing both Ace and Seiji goodbye as she left the Earth. She is replaced by another crew member named Minawa Noriko.

Ultraman Taro

During Taro's time on Earth, the invading monster Mochiron had come and disturbed the Earth on a day known as "Mochi Day" and refused to leave until he had consumed enough Mochi to satisfy himself. Working alongside Ultraman Taro and Father of Ultra, Yuko grew to giant proportions to help them in making enough Mochi to satisfy Mochiron. Once the monster was full, Yuko and Father of Ultra carried him off into space. The Father of Ultra and Son Big Mochi-Making Strategy

Ultraman Mebius

Seiji Yuko Mebius

Seiji reunites with Yuko

Later on, during Ultraman Mebius' stay on Earth, she would appear to an older Seiji, fighting again as Ace, to help Crew Guys Japan, against Lunatyx on the moon. Ace's Wish

Other media

Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers

Yuko appears with Seiji as his Earth-born wife. At the end when the Ultra Brothers remember their true selves she is seen helping the injured in the emergency medical station. She and Seiji had one daughter who helped her. At the end of the movie she and Seiji went off into space with the others.

Power and Abilities

  • Combat Training: Like any defense team member, Yuko is a trained pilot and marksmen.
  • Flight: Due to her extra-terrestrial origins, Yuko can fly under her own power, perhaps even interstellar distance.
  • Size Change: Yuko can grow to giant proportions in desperate times.
  • Telepathy: It is implied during her reunion with Ace and Seiji during the time of Mebius that she had contacted them telepathically.


  • Yuko is the first female to host an Ultra.
  • She is also the first Ultra Host after Shin Hayata to separate from her Ultra.
  • Yuko is the first alien Ultra host, though biologically she is descended from humans.
  • During her return in the Ace series, Yuko is seen and heard playing the piano to herald her arrival to Seiji. The tune she played was Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata.
  • Aside from being the hosts for Ultraman Ace, Seiji and Yuko share another similarity. Both of their surnames have the kanji for geographical directions: Seiji's Hokuto (北斗?) has North (北 Kita?), and Yuko has South (南 Minami?).


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