Yuko Minami
Yuko Minami ULTRAMAN
Gender: Female
Age: 6~8 apx (At time of portrayal)
Home world: Unknown
First appearance: TBA
Last appearance: TBA
Number of appearances: TBA
Type: Ally
Family: Father (Unknown)
Mother (Unknown)
Sister (Unknown)
Affiliation: Star Cluster Alliance
Portrayed by: None
Sound(s): {{{Sound(s)}}}
The ULTRAMAN reimagining of Yuko Minami.


Little is known about her at this time, but she was a friend of child, Seiji Hokuto, and she was an alien. Her family were ambassadors from the Cluster Alliance, and they were on the plane which Bemular destroyed in the beginning of the series. This was the same explosion that took Seiji's limbs and killed his parents.

However, it was later revealed that Bemular was not the culprit and had instead been trying to save Yuko, her family and Yapool, who were all part of the Cluster Inspection Party for Earth's admittance. The real culprit was Ace Killer, on the orders of someone higher up in the Alliance.

While Yapool and possibly the others, survived, it is implied that Yuko died. However, during Seiji's duel with Ace Killer, the assassin claimed that since Hokuto's parents were already deceased, he would target Yuko instead.


  • This Minami differs from the original, besides being a child, she was not human. Although the Minami was from the Lunar Civilization, her ancestors, were descended from humans. This Minami's origins are complete extraterrestrial.

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