"Something only I can do...That is...What I must do!"

―Yuta Hibiki, before being given the Primal Acceptor, Restoration
Yuta Hibiki
Hero: Gridman
Gender: Male
Type: Protagonist
Home world: Earth
First Appearance: SSSS.GRIDMAN episode 1 "Awakening"
Last Appearance: TBA
Affiliation: Gridman
Gridman Alliance
Portrayed by: Yuya Hirose (Japanese)
Brandon McInnis (English)

Yuta Hibiki (響裕太 Hibiki Yūta) is the main protagonist of SSSS.GRIDMAN. Yuta is Gridman's partner and is able to merge with him to allow the inter-dimensional being to materialize in the real world.



Yuta awoke in his classmate Rikka Takarada's house, after passing out, with amnesia. She helps him get back to his normal life with the aid of Sho Utsumi, another friend. When a monster appears, Yuta manages to navigate back to Gridman and reconnect with him to face the monster threat together with his friends.Awakening

Investigating the missing people, who actually died in Ghoulghilas's attack the day before, Yuta was called back by Gridman to face another monster. Accepting that he had a mission, Yuta transforms into Gridman to fight against the incoming monsters.Restoration

One week later, he and Sho notice Rikka's absence from school so Sho gets him to (accidentally) call her but she doesn't pick up. Sho also points out, as a joke, that the kaiju they have been fighting against may actually be humans, though that unsettles Yuta. When Anti appears, Yuta is hesitant to fight when Anti talks, which reminds him of what Sho said earlier. This allows Anti to defeat Gridman easily. Gridman, Samurai・Calibur, and Yuta seemingly disappear. Sho almost disbands the Gridman Alliance the next day but was stopped by the timely arrival of the Neon Genesis Junior High Students, who said that Gridman, Calibur and Yuta were alive. Getting a hint, Rikka calls his phone, which he is somehow able to answer. After they returned, Gridman fought Anti with the help of Battle Tracto Max. After he wins the battle, Yuta gets slapped by Rikka, who then apologizes for not picking up his call earlier.Defeat After hearing that Rikka would be going on a group date, he gets jealous and decides to stalk her and her group but later loses them. Max approaches him and gets him to admit his feelings to Rikka and after the next kaiju attack, he asks Rikka out for a meal but she invites the rest of the gang as well.Suspicion

While sleeping on a train, Yuta dreams of what seems to be Alexis・Kerib impaling Gridman with a spear and a star splitting into five. Provocation He later meets Anosillus the 2nd, who explains to him the nature of Tsutsujidai city, the Illusion Monsters and who Akane Shinjo really is. Contact At school, Yuta tries to explain to Rikka and Sho as well, but they did not believe him due to how far-fetched his story seemed to be. Yuta was also chased down by Anti at school, demanding that he transform and fight, but Yuta replied by saying that Gridman would only come if there was a kaiju around, making Anti leave with the Special Dogs he just bought. Returning home after school, he finds Akane sitting on his bed and she tries to tempt him into joining her. Yuta declines, saying that he has friends to protect. Akane then demands that he walk her home and unable to decline, does just that. On the way, they stopped for dinner at the Chinese restaurant where he and his friends were looking for the deceased Tonkawa after Ghoulghilas' attack. He was then introduced to Alexis, who arrived late. With the Primal Acceptor flashing, Yuta went back to Junk to transform into Gridman and during his fight, he saw what seemed to be a city in the sky. Only after that did Rikka and Sho start believing what he said about Akane.Scheme

As the day of the school's Culture Festival drew closer, Yuta, Rikka and Sho decided to confront Akane directly and she shows off her newest kaiju, Mecha Ghoulghilas, and dares the trio to try to stop her, confident that they would fail. Seeing not much choice other than to fight, Yuta and Sho come up with a plan which was to make Gridman and the Assist Weapons sortie at only half their size so that they can all fight together. However, Rikka cannot bring herself to fight her friend. This sparks an argument between Rikka and Sho, with Yuta and Gridman being on middle ground. Understanding Rikka's feelings, Yuta and Sho try to persuade Akane into not unleashing Mecha Ghoulghilas, so that they may have a peaceful resolution, but she disagrees. Seeing Rikka upset on the way back to the Junk Shop, Yuta cheers her up by telling her of her contributions to the team and hearing that she was going to apologize to Sho before he does to her, he gets an idea, which was to summon Gridman before the kaiju appears, to prompt an evacuation of the school. The next day, Yuta executed both plans successfully, and easily defeated Mecha Ghoulghilas as Full Powered Gridman. After that, he dressed up in a sailor outfit for the school Culture Festival. Confrontation

Yuta was trapped in a dream world during Bujack's attack, wherein history was rewritten so that the monster attacks never happened and all of Akane's desires were fulfilled. Yuta woke up with amnesia, and the events of the first episode repeat but with Akane replacing Rikka, who even claimed to be his girlfriend. The two of them spend time together but throughout, Yuta could feel Gridman's influence. Arriving at a graveyard, Yuta saw a gravestone for the Tonkawa family, which reminded him of his mission and after that, he rejects Akane's offer to be with her in the dream world. Yuta remembers the events that happened in the real world and rush over to Rikka and Sho, and then Gridman wakes the three of them up. After reawakening, Yuta states that one more person must wake up from their dream - Akane Shinjo.Dream

After hearing what Rikka has to say, Yuta comes up with the idea of going next door to Akane's house to confront her. Akane does not answer the doorbell, so Max forces the door open. Inside the "house", Yuta sees something similar to the city in the sky. As the days pass without kaiju attacks, Yuta starts to worry about Akane, who had been missing from school. After Gridman fights against another kaiju, Yuta apporaches Akane, who had seen him transforming, to tell her that she is simply being used by Alexis. Upon getting closer, Akane unexpectedly stabs him with her yellow cutter.Collapse


In his first transformation, Yuta is forcefully swallowed by Junk and within cyberspace, he connects with Gridman in a similar way to his predecessor, Naoto Sho did in Denkou Choujin Gridman. Gridman then appears in a flash of light.

After Gridman is optimized, Yuta is given the Primal Acceptor to properly transform. He says the phrase "Access Flash" and enters the computer where he combines with Gridman, giving the Hyper Agent a physical form to fight with in the real world.


  • Telepathic Link: Yuta possesses some connection with Gridman, being able to hear his voice some distance away, and is the only one who can see and hear him on Junk's computer screen. Their link is also the reason why they can merge with each other. When he senses a monster, he gets an electric shock on his left hand where his Primal Acceptor is. After Junk is optimized, however, everyone could see and hear Gridman at any time.
  • Mediumship: Compared to normal humans, Yuta has the ability to see Gridman in his computer and the Illusion Monsters. This is eventually expanded to the rest of the Gridman Alliance after Junk had been optimized.
  • Primal Acceptor (プライマルアクセプター Puraimaru Akuseputā): A device given to him by Gridman. It is worn on his left wrist and is concealed under the red band he wears when he goes out in public.
    • Access Flash (アクセス・フラッシュ Akusesu Furasshu): His mode of transformation into Gridman, Yuta goes over to Junk and says this phrase to unite with the Hyper Agent.
    • Kaiju Detection: The Primal Acceptor flashes when a kaiju is around, warning Yuta of their presence. The only time it failed was against Gonglee, due to its concealment fog.


  • As with Akane and Alexis・Kerib, Yuta is in fact a reused concept from the scrapped plans of, Denkou Choujin Gridman F. SSSS.GRIDMAN adopted many of these leftover plans. Had the show went on, Yuta was supposed to be one of Ippei Baba's new classmates while he bonded to a different Gridman.
  • His status as an amnesiac human host of a modernized titular hero from a pre-2000 Tokusatsu series is shared with Jin from Ultraseven X.
  • Yuta's color scheme is based on the Transformers Classics toy release of Cliffjumper, who is an immigrant character in the Shattered Glass. Yuta's red-colored hairstyle resembles the Autobot's horned helmet and his sneakers resemble Cliffjumper's feet and alternate mode.
    • In an oddly similar situation, both are regarded as 'fish out of water" in an environment they were supposed to be familiar with.
    • The design of his backpack resembles the Barrier Shield component of the original Gridman Sword and Cliffjumper's Wave Crusher/jetpack.
  • According to the voice drama episodes:
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