Yuuto Tamaki
Yuuto Tamaki
Ultra: Ultraman Tiga
Age: 11
Gender: Male
Transformation Item Spark Lens
Home world: Earth (Ultra Flare Timeline)
First Appearance: Ultraman X The Movie
Last Appearances None
Type: Ally
Family Tsukasa Tamaki (mother)
Affiliation Xio
Portrayed by Serai Takagi

Yuuto Tamaki (玉城 ユウト Tamaki Yūto?) is a young boy that first appeared in Ultraman X The Movie: Here Comes! Our Ultraman. He is the human host of Ultraman Tiga. His will resonated with the Spark Lens and the will to save his mother, giving him the power to transform.


After Zaigorg was released and Xio were sent into Operation Hell No.3, Yuuto was left behind in the Lab Team's care. During that time, he provided them with several artifacts he found and among them was a petrified Spark Lens. When discovering that his mother was in danger, his desire to save her resonated with the Spark Lence, X Devizer and the blue stone that was used to seal Zaigorg. Seeing this, Guruman had Rui escort him to his mother, and the Spark Lens endowed him the strength needed to lift up a steel beam and save her. As Yuuto and Tsukasa were about to be trampled by a wall, the boy quickly raised the Spark Lens and transformed into Ultraman Tiga, simultaneously fixing the damaged X Devizer for Daichi to transform into X. After the battle, Tiga vanished and returned Yuuto to his mother, where she commended him for his bravery.

Powers and Abilities

  • Spark Lens: His transformation device, it first appeared as a stone device when found in the temple.
    • Enhanced Strength: He was to temporary summon a great amount of strength, signified when the Spark Lens glowed.
    • Transformation: Like Daigo, he simply raises the Spark Lens and transforms into Ultraman Tiga.


  • Yuuto Tamaki is currently the youngest human to become a host for an Ultra.

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