Home world: Space
First appearance: Ultraman 80 episode 4: "For The Love of The Sky" (1980)
Latest appearance: Ultraman Geed Episode 10 (2017)
Height: 48 m (Child)

55 m (Adult)

Weight: 19,000 t (Child)

30,000 t (Adult)

Category: Kaiju
Affiliation: None
Roar(s): TBA

Zandrias (ザンドリアス Zandoriasu?) is a monster who first appeared in Episode 4 of the TV series, Ultraman 80. Its mother also appeared, named Mother Zandrias (マザーザンドリアス Mazā Zandoriasu?)

  • Subtitle: Spoiled Child Monster (だだっ子怪獣 Dadakko Kaijū?)
  • Mother Subtitle: Parent Monster (親怪獣 Oyakaijū?)


Ultraman 80Edit

A creature from space, Zandrias came to Earth in a meteorite. He crash landed in a remote area of Japan, and his signal was still picked up by UGM's sensors. However, before anything could be done against the kaiju, it burrowed underground and began moving beneath the surface. UGM quickly mobilized to face the first kaiju to arrive on Earth since Ultraman Leo's time and flew off to locate the beast. The monster finally emerged from below ground and began to attack the city with powerful winds from its wings, before landing and beginning to tear the town apart on his own. UGM arrived to assault the terrible behemoth but failed to do any harm to it. Yamoto discovered a father and son whose tension may have in fact provided the negative energy for Zandrias' creation. Suddenly, a shocking turn of events occurred, there wasn't one, but two Zandrias! The first one the mother, the other a child. However, there seemed to be tension between them as while teaching her son to fly, the elder Zandrias got aggressive with her son and accidentally knocked the younger kaiju through a building. Yamoto finally turned into Ultraman 80 to do battle with the monsters, gaining the upper hand until the two began double teaming them. Now working together, the two monsters began to overpower 80 by throwing him about. However, once they successfully knocked 80 to the ground, the tensions between the two monsters disappeared and the monster family took off together into space.


  • Zandrias have a modified Bemstar roar and Mother Zandrias have a modified Jirass roar.
  • Zandrias' name is based off of Zandria, the name of a restaurant that the scriptwriter stopped at whilst writing the script for Zandrias' episode.

Ultraman Geed Edit

Zandrias will reappear in the upcoming series, making its first reappearance in 37 years. It is unknown at this time whether there will be a singular Zandrias, or both mother and child.




  • Height: 48 m
  • Weight: 19,000 t
  • Origin: Space
  • Flight speed: Mach 8

Powers and ​WeaponsEdit

  • Flight: Zandrias can fly at high speeds with his powerful wings.
  • Burrowing: Zandrias can burrow underground at moderate speeds.
  • Heat Ray: Zandrias can breath a powerful energy blast from his mouth.

Mother Zandrias


  • Height: 55 m
  • Weight: 30,000 t
  • Origin: Space
  • Flight speed: Mach 10

Powers and ​WeaponsEdit

  • Flight: Mother Zandrias can fly at high speeds with her powerful wings.
  • Eye Beams: Mother Zandrias can fire powerful bolts of energy from her eyes.
  • Hurricane Winds: By flapping her wings, Mother Zandrias can create powerful wind storms capable of blowing buildings apart in mere seconds.

In popular cultureEdit

Sgt Frog/Keroro GunsoEdit

In Episode 238, Dance Master (Dasonu Maso in Japan) held an intergalactic competition. In the first round, a quiz was made to determine whether Zandrias is weakened to cold temperatures or not. However, since such fact was never brought up in the Ultraman 80 series, answering contestants were banished.


Ultraman 80Edit


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