Separate Guruman Because this Kaiju / Seijin is a character in the show instead of the monster of the week, it has been given its own page. If you're looking for the original page, see Alien Shadow.
Zena Alien Shadow
Gender: Male
Age: TBA
Home world: Planet Shadow
Series: Ultraman Geed (2017)
First appearance: TBA
Last appearance: TBA
Number of appearances: TBA
Type: Unknown
Family: Unknown
Affiliation: AIB
Portrayed by: Hideyoshi Iwata (Actor)
Shintaro Asanuma (Voice of his Alien form)
Sound(s): {{{Sound(s)}}}

Zena (ゼナ Zena?) also known as Xena, is an Alien Shadow (シャドー星人 Shadō Seijin?) and one of the characters of Ultraman Geed.

Subtitle: Space Guerrilla (宇宙ゲリラ Uchū Gerira?)


His name is Greek for "Sons of Zeus", which can also be interpreted as welcoming or hospitable.



Powers and Weapons

  • Human Disguise: Zena can change his alien appearance to a human form.
  • Pistol: Zena has a pistol in his inventory, that used for combat purpose.


  • This Alien Shadow seems to be much 'cleaner' than its predecessors, as the white of its helmet and gold of its face appears to be more vivid then in its race's original appearance.
  • His voice actor Shintaro Asanuma previously portrayed Alien Bat in Ultra Zero Fight. This series as well features both Zero and Belial, whose actor also reprise the role.
  • Although Hideyoshi is in charge of the acting, his mouth stayed shut for the rest of his role while Shintaro voiced the characters over time. This is most likely to emphasize him wearing a simple disguise instead of perfected ones.


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