Zenekindarl people
Home world: Andes, South America
First appearance: Ultraman Dyna episode 10: "The Forbidden Ground Painting"
Latest appearance: None
Height: 1.9 m
Weight: 100 kg
Category: Ancient race
Affiliation: Dexador (Servant)
Roar(s): TBA

The Zenekindarl people (ゼネキンダール人 Zenekindāru Jin?) are race of ancient aliens that appeared in Ultraman Dyna.

Subtitle: Psychic Power Race (念力種族 Nenriki Shuzoku?)


  • Height: 1.9 m
  • Weight: 100 kg
  • Origin: Andes, South America


Ultraman Dyna

One day, a young boy stumbles across three Zenekindarl people agents using some sort of pole spawning lightning. When it was causing weather disturbances, two fighters were sent into action, but they were shot down by the alien bioweapon Dexador before they could do anything. After some research that pointed out that Dexador had his own ancient hieroglyph, they received a call from the same boy that found the activities of the Zenekindarl people. Meanwhile, one of the members of Super GUTS tried to find out what Dexador's hieroglyph meant and went to an archeologist and his family to dissifere. After not getting much info, he followed a suspicion in his gut and snuck back into their house, finding the family locked in a room when they were being telepathically given pain by the three Zenekindarl people with the Super GUTS member falling into their grip. When he was trapped with the others, one of them told him that the Zenekindarl people were looking for a strange artifact used to summon monsters such as Dexador, but needed to be fueled with their energy before they arrived. When Super GUTS was contacted about the situation the three Zenekindarl people managed to fully awaken Dexador. Once Super GUTS destroyed three clay cocoons of other alien bioweapons, the three Zenekindarl people had their energy reversed into them, but still had enough in them to summon Dexador for one last attack. However, during the attack against Ultraman Dyna, their power was draining quickly and thanks to Super GUTS the orb used to control Dexador was destroyed, also incapacitating the Zenekindarl people. The three Zenekindarl people disintegrated once Dexador was finished with the Solgent Beam.


  • Suit actor: Shūichi Sumi (A), Yūji Kitahara (B), Takashi Shōei (C)

Phantom Monster Army

After a strange comet fall into Matsumoto City, various past enemies of Super GUTS and GUTS began on a roaming spree, scaring the citizens. Three Super GUTS officers on a patrol Kohda and Kariya witnessed a Digon walking towards them, though Nakajima see it as a Zenekindarl people instead. As each take out their GUTS Blaster and fired, the fish-like being phased through all of their attacks and vanished.

Powers and Abilities

  • Dexador Summon: Using a bizarre electric orb, Zenekindarl people can summon Dexador to their will.
  • Telepathy Beam: Zenekindarl people can use some sort of pain inducing telepathy using blue beams from the palms. When this is used, the victim will have a blue ring around their head. This attack can be transmitted into Dexador.


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