Zobi (ゾビ Zobi?) is an ancient species of dinosaurs introduced in the Great Dinosaur War Izenborg.


Height: TBA

Weight: TBA

Origin: Earth


Zobi was a peaceful dinosaur, living in the shadows of the Underground Kingdom, and it wasn't until Gottes and Zobina abused him and turned him evil did he attack the surface. The D-Force was called in and Ai and Zen summoned Izenman, and then Izenborg to fight the beast. Knowing he didn't mean to be evil, they mercy killed the sobbing Zobi who exploded in a ball of flames.


  • Zobi is the first to defect from Gottes and Zobina, if one doesn't count the Giant Gorilla.
  • Zobi's suit is the ZaZa suit but modified.
    • His suit will later be painted gold for Golda suit, who appeared later in the series.

Powers and Abilities


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