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Ultrmn G Zgu
Home world: Point 335N7
First appearance: Ultraman Gaia episode 49 "An Angel Descends."
Latest appearance: Ultraman Gaia episode 51 "Earth is Ultraman's Home."
Height: 127 m
Weight: 90,000 t
Category: Alien
Affiliation: Shinigami (ally),
Dobishi (servants)
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Zogu (ゾグ, Zogu?) is the final threat and the main antagonist of the TV series, Ultraman Gaia. She appeared in episode 49, 50, and 51.

Subtitle: Root of Destruction Angel (根源破滅天使, Kongen Hametsu Tenshi?)


Ultraman Gaia

Angel form

Zogu, better known as the Root of Destruction and the ruler of the Dark Zone wished to conquer Earth by sending many aliens to attack it from her galaxy. With the destruction of Shinigami as Zebub she decided to use her trump card by using the Dobishi. But even at their full potential, the Dobishi where still having trouble against the guardians of the earth and sea. Finally descending to make her entrance, Zogu destroyed the three Dobishi that had been fighting the two ultras, and descended from a long beam of light. To show the heroes what she was capable of she restored Ultraman Gaia and Ultraman Agul to their full power. She then put Agul in a trance to come towards her, Zogu then used a shock wave ball to send him flying across the city and fired at Gaia as he tried to help Agul. Agul tried to hold his own, but it cost him his life gauge. After Zogu finished off Gaia and Agul she took their energy to prevent them from returning. Team Hercules and an EX Fighter driven by the artificial intelligence program, PAL, fought Zogu only for her to destroy the EX Fighter and ascend to her wormhole.

The team XIG uses the monster's energy and convert it to light for Gamu and Fujimiya to transform.The light went all around the world to reach them,Both of them raised their hand a few times and they transformed.Once they transformed,Gaia became Gaia Supreme and they fought. Zogu used a shockwave ball but they used power shields to block it. They pushed the shockwave ball to her then used many types of balls and beams. Zogu was in pain and got annoyed, she transformed into her true form.

Demon form

Ultrmn G zguu
Zogu's true form, a demon into which she transforms into during the final episode of Ultraman Gaia.

After being ravaged by Agul and Gaia’s attacks, the God of Monsters known as Zogu shed her angelic appearance to reveal the true demon she was. The unbelievably huge beast crushed buildings below her massive feet and soon attacked with an energy ball, only for the two to combine their shields to defend themselves. Gaia Supreme flew at Zogu, only to be batted down and crushed under her foot. Agul freed his ally, then together smashed off Zogu’s horns, only annoying the titanic ruler of M91, who batted them to the ground and levelled them with her energy ball.

As the two recovered, the legendary dragon Mizunoenoryuu  arrived on the scene and attacked her with everything he had, but it was like a mosquito attacking the demon, succeeding in nothing but annoyance. The Root of Destruction unleashed another energy ball, striking the brave guardian with enough force to take him out of the battle. However, Agul and Gaia had recovered from the attack and flew straight through her throat, erupting out her back. But even this did little more than enrage the tyrant, who chased after them crushing everything in her wake. But the two Earth heroes managed to get far enough to charge up and fire their Proton Streams together, forming a blast of energy that tore clean through Zogu’s massive body. Roaring in agony, Zogu’s huge form exploded into a shower of flesh, ending not only Zogu’s reign of terror but the invasion from Galaxy M91 once and for all.


  • Zogu's body is actually her suit actress, Nagino Soshi, who wears a mask, a silk dress and a pair of hand gloves while her body is digitally brightened in order to portray Zogu's appearances.
    • Nagino Soshi has appeared in the Ultra Series many times as female aliens or the like, one of which was Kamila.
  • Zogu's demon design was inspired by the ultra kaiju Dodongo.
  • In one of her more humerous appearances in the Ultraman Stage Show, she uses Dark Charm, a perfume, to convince other aliens and even evil versions of Ultramen to do her bidding, even getting Dark Zagi and Evil Tiga to fight over her.
    • Also in multiple stage shows she was in a romantic relationship with Alien Empera.


Angel form
Angle Zgu



  • Height: 127 m
  • Weight: 90,000 t
  • Origin: Galaxy M91 → Point 335N7

Powers and Weapons

  • Wormholes: Zogu can create wormholes at will and use them to travel across space.
  • Sky Beam: Zogu can use a large blue beam before descending from a wormhole. This beam can destroy multiple monsters at once.
  • Energy Restore: Zogu can restore the energy of other beings.
  • Telekinesis: Zogu can use telekinesis to lure other beings closer to her.
  • Shockwave Balls: Her favorite attack Zogu can create colorless energy balls that can send beings like Ultraman Gaia and Ultraman Agul and many city blocks flying.
  • Lasers: Zogu can use blue lasers from her fingers and eyes. They are weaker than her shockwave balls, but can knock down and seriously damage beings like Ultraman Gaia and Ultraman Agul.
  • Energy Absorb: Zogu can absorb the energy from other beings after killing them.
  • Hypnotism: She can hypnotize other beings to bring them near her.
  • Transform: Zogu can turn into her true form at will.

Demon form
Zogu Large


  • Height: 666 m
  • Weight: 660,000 t

Powers and Weapons

  • Shockwave Balls: Zogu can launch colorless energy balls from her mouth strong enough to make monsters like Mizunoenoryuu dizzy.
  • Pain Resistance: Zogu can survive grievous wounds like having a hole blown clear through her neck and still keep fighting.

Toy Release Information


Zogu 1999 original (left) and 2000 (right)

Zogu was released twice by the Ultra Monster series. The first came out in 1999 with a grey color. The 2000 version however, has a darker grey color but, both are still accurate and have 6 points of articulation. Unfortunately, Zogu is only 5.5 in tall and her hands are attached to the wings and they can turn 360. in 2014, Bandai released a Demon Zogu DX Spark Doll. She is very detailed and accurate. Angel Zogu figures have also been released.



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